Wedding + EventS

Do you have packages?

Every event is unique and have different needs, so we choose to tailor detailed proposals to best serve our clients.

How can I get a quote for my event?

For wedding and event inquiries, please fill out our Inquiry Form.

Can I stop by to discuss my wedding/event with you?

We would love to meet you! Consultations are scheduled by appointment only. To begin our consultation process, please fill out our Inquiry Form

Can I have an itemized quote?

We will happily work with you to make any necessary changes to the order to help you stay within your ideal budget as realistically as possible, but we do not offer itemized quotes.

We know we want to work with you, but we would like some time to review the order before booking. Can you save the date for us?

Yes, we offer a nonrefundable $250.00 deposit fee to save your your date for 30 days. The fee will be applied to your balance, so it would not be an extra charge should you choose to book with us. It is not mandatory, but it does help early birds who need more time. Once the 30 days are over, your date will be available to those on the waiting list.


Do you take orders for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions?

Yes, we offer omakase designs on availability (and no, it is never too early to reserve your date).

How do I order?

Our arrangements begin at $75.00 + delivery. Rates are subject to change during holidays. Simply tell us your price range, color preference, and any specifics we may need to know and we will make your order according to size, fullness, and flower choice. Orders cannot be made online, but please feel free to call or email us for assistance. Same-day delivery orders must be called in for us to check on availability and may incur a rush fee of $25.00.

Where can you deliver to?

Anywhere inside Houston and the greater Houston area including but not limited to Downtown Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, the Woodlands, Kingwood, Cypress, Pearland and Kemah. Delivery fees may vary.

Can I stop in to pick up flowers?

Walk-in and pick-up services are not available. We only take custom orders and we only provide delivery service.

Is there a freshness guarantee or refund policy?

We can guarantee that we buy our flowers fresh daily and only pick out what is the best to us. We can guarantee your flowers will arrive looking the same way they did leaving our studio. We cannot guarantee the condition of the flowers after it is in your care as we cannot control light, heat, pets, smoke and other environmental factors or handling care in your home/office, but we can let you know the best environment to keep it beautiful.


What are subscriptions and how do they work?

We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly services to bring new arrangements to homes, offices, salons, restaurants and establishments or to perform maintenance on existing arrangements (as is the case with plants).  Simply let us know your preferences and needs for your space, how frequent you’d like your pieces to be replaced, and we can help get your subscription started right away.  Subscriptions begin at $75.00 per visit. 



I love your site, do you mind if I use similar verbiage or concept?

Though we are completely flattered, we have worked VERY long hours, days, nights, and months to research, develop and create a site that is specific to our company, our brand, personalities and style. It wouldn't benefit your company/brand to mimic our writing and concept as it would not offer your clientele an original experience if they find out things were taken from another company's site. We urge you to spend time to build your brand, research the market and community, develop ideas and concepts that are true and unique to your company, and then copyright everything (like we did) so your hard work and long hours won't go wasted. Cheers!

May I use photos from your accounts?

All photos belong to Mibellarosa, to our photographers and to our clients. We'd be flattered if you would  like to feature any of them on your site or social media pages, but request that you kindly contact us for permission if you would like to use any photos from our site. Please also make sure to credit us when using any photo from here as we would, respectfully, yours.