Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
— Steve Martin
Mibellarosa Houston wedding florist event design

Hi! My name is Phuong and I started working when I was 14 and have worked dozens of odd jobs since then to put myself through school and beyond. Before I became a floral designer, I was an event planner, before that I was a marketing director, and before that I juggled interning as a web/graphic artist at NBC and WB, working as a legal assistant to a former mayor of Austin and a lawyer who was on the historical Roe v. Wade case, and working as a bubble tea cafe server (to feed myself on all the bubble tea and Taiwanese food I could while I was a poor college student). I've even worked as a dental assistant and did medical coding long before they began handing out degrees for those skills. It never felt "easy," but I was really proud about working from the bottom up at each company, learning what worked best for me and my employers, and competing with my own goals and accomplishments instead of worrying about how my peers were doing. This outlook did not go unnoticed by my employers as they trusted me with more tasks and taught me valuable skills in work and in life.

I value internships so much because I feel a young person should learn important values such as respect, integrity, humility, determination, perseverance, and good work ethics to prepare them for any career path. I definitely had no desire to become a floral designer when I was 14, but I know all of my previous jobs have prepared me for the career woman I have become today. I'm a very straight-forward person and I will not mince my words to waste anyone's time. This is not an internship you may have dreamed about via Instagram. We work really hard, we get dirty, we get cuts, we power through and so will our interns. Some do not last more than a month, and some have lasted for years and have become family. And when you're family, you're family no matter where your path leads you next. We're not looking for just any intern, we're looking for family members who will weather the storms with us, who will share our joys, pains, and meals, and who we will be proud of as we watch them become who they were meant to be. 

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